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Beginners Guide to Playing Pool on the Mini Billiard Table

There are different types of pool, including 8 ball and 9 ball, but since we are talking about this particular type we will stick to that. The game starts with a break and players try to sink all their assigned balls into pockets using the cue ball (the white ball). All of the balls must be hit into the pocket before the 8 ball is sunk in. The first person to do so is the winner!

How to Play Pool for Beginners

Here’s the short version with details below:

Each player starts by racking the balls. One person, called the break-o-matic, breaks the rack and starts the game. Players try to sink their balls into pockets around the table. The person who sinks their 8 ball last is the winner.

The Basics

  • 15 balls on the table
  • 7 stripes
  • 7 solids
  • 1 eight ball

Racking & The Break

Rack the pool balls with the 8 ball in the center of your pool table. The rack is placed at one end and the cue ball will sit opposite from it. The rack makes contact with only one point to avoid hitting the other pool balls when you are aiming for an object on the other side of the table. Leave enough room between both points so that you can place it accurately and the tiny dot for placement should line up perfectly in order for you to use them properly.

Before playing pool, you need to get your table set up properly. You must place the cue ball behind the head string, which is in the middle of the corner pocket and the middle pocket of the table. You can also spot wear marks on the table or notches on the side rails. The middle notch indicates where the head string runs along the table width wise.

Stripes & Solids

There are two sets of numbered balls and a pocket in which each ball must be sunk. Continue with the game until someone sinks into a pocket or they knock out the other pattern. The person who made the shot can then pick up their ball and start over again.

If you sink the ball with your designated pattern, then your turn continues and you have to sink a ball before it is your turn again. When you sink any balls in a row, this is called “running the table” and when you stop sinking all of them, then your turn starts over.

Sinking the 8 Ball

When a player sinks a ball of the pattern, their turn continues and won’t end until that player misses. When players make all of their shots in one turn, it’s called “running the table.” Players continue to take turns until they miss one of their shots, and then another player goes next.

Whoever sinks the 8 ball first wins!

Other Rules of Game Play

If a player hits the cue ball into a pocket, the turn is over and he or she gets to place the cue ball anywhere on the table again. This is literally called “ball in hand”.

What happens if I accidentally sink the 8 ball before finished the numbered balls? – You lose!

If you scratch on the 8 ball shot, you will lose your turn. If you hit a ball of the opposed player, that counts for you.


The rule might seem to be difficult to understand at first. But you will find it easy to play after 2 rounds.

Practice makes perfect. There is nothing better than you order a mini billiard table here now and starting practicing. You will find it very fun game to enjoy with your kids.

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